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King Me - The Mixtape 

CSG - Certified Street Gang

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Living Darian - Steppin Out

Mariwhana Marco - 40 Chains

Blizz - Yer

Mr. Ray King - Certified

Safi DaJedi - Louis

Living Darian - Tonight It Goes Down 

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What We Do

New King Records offers Artist Services… Distribution Deals, Promotion, Marketing & Radio Airplay Pakages specifically designed for the Indie Artist or Label.

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Our Why...

I worked real hard & finally got noticed. I
was presented amazing opportunities... But I could
never seem to get up enough money, in enough
time, to close the deal. When i could come up with
an extra few hundred i could invest into my music, the
companies never did what they said they'd do. This
personal struggle, that a lot of Indie artists joust with,
was the catalyst of New King Records. Our mission is to
cut the bullshit out of the music industry so that every
talented Indie artists can Make Money Making Music.
People say, "It's not what you know; It's who you know". 
The truth is... It's knowing where to put your money.

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Coming Soon... WNKR | Independent Royalty Radio

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Talk Of The Town... LP from MariWhana Marco

Live For Love... Lp from Living Darian

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